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DIY Salad - online selection of ingredients for salad, creating your own recipe and calculating the proportion of products based on the weight of 1 portion of salad and their number.

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Green base:
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Salad — this is most often cold now, which is preparing with a mixture products of plant and animal origin. Salad can be served as an independent snack, and in addition to other dishes on the table.

salad Ingredients

1. Green base — provides the dish with natural vitamins and minerals.

2. The nutritious ingredient is the protein base of the salad, which provides the caloric content of the salad and allows it to be a separate snack on the table. This ingredient is not used in vegetarian recipes.

3. Vegetables — are present in all salads, providing a dish with natural vitamins, as well as a green base in the salad.

4. Topping — this ingredient adds spicy flavor and attractive appearance to the salad.

5. Greens — added to salad for flavor and give the finished snack taste.

6. Dressing — thanks to this ingredient, the salad is soaked and becomes homogeneous.